Chief: 2 suspects ID'd so far in Glen Rock cop-dragging


It will take more than bumps, bruises and an ankle injury to deter Southern Regional Police Officer Mike Storeman, according to his chief.

"He's tough as nails," Chief Jim Boddington said of the 40-year-old officer, who was dragged about 50 yards by a car shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon after he approached it at a Glen Rock convenience store. "He's anxious to get back to work."

Storeman was released from York Hospital Wednesday evening, Boddington said.

"There were apparently no broken bones. We were afraid he had a broken leg," the chief said. "But he's just banged up pretty bad. He's sore."

Storeman's fellow officers have likely identified two of the three people — the male driver and the female in the back seat — in the fleeing Toyota Camry, with Maryland license-plate number 4AG-6940, according to the chief.

Charges pending: "We're just trying to figure out who the passenger was, and we have some leads," Boddington said. "They're probably holed up somewhere and have stashed the vehicle."

He said charges will be filed soon, likely after the third person is identified. He said the driver is from Maryland, the passenger also is likely from Maryland, and it's possible the female may be staying in Glen Rock. Their names will be released after charges are filed, the chief said.

Although the driver and passenger are facing charges including felony aggravated assault on a police officer, the female in the back seat might not be in the same amount of trouble, he said.

"It (likely) wasn't her intent to drag the officer down the street," Boddington said. "If she's innocent, she should be calling police."

What happened: Storeman was called to the CS Convenience Store about 4:50 p.m. Wednesday for a report of a suspicious vehicle in the lot that had been parked there for some time, according to police.

"Drug activity is more than likely what it was," Boddington said.

As Storeman approached the car, he saw the passenger try to hide something under the seat.

"He must have surprised the passenger," the chief said. "Mike tried to open the door to see if he was hiding a weapon."

The passenger grabbed Storeman's arm, pulled it against the car and held it there, at which point the driver took off at a high rate of speed, Boddington said.

"One witness said that when he broke free or was let free, he hit the blacktop and rolled," the chief said, adding Storeman hit the blacktop hard.

"I think this is the worst injury I've seen to one of my officers," Boddington said. "This could have ended up much worse."

'It affects you': As word of Storeman's assault spread Wednesday night, off-duty Southern Regional officers began arriving at the station, volunteering to work, the chief said.

"I didn't even have to call. They just showed up," Boddington said. "It's shaken them up. ... When a brother gets hurt, it affects you."

The chief said Wednesday's assault shows an utter disrespect for law enforcement.

He also said he vowed to Storeman that the trio would be tracked down.

"I said, 'We'll get 'em, Mike. We'll get 'em,'" Boddington said.

Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the trio is asked to call (717) 840-2971.

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