Officer dragged down street in Glen Rock


A Southern Regional Police officer was dragged 40-50 yards down Water Street in Glen Rock after he approached a vehicle deemed suspicious and the man in the passenger's seat grabbed and held onto his arm, Southern Regional Police Chief James Boddington said.

The patrol officer was rushed to York Hospital and is in stable condition with a serious ankle injury and abrasions - "He's angry, but he'll be OK," Boddington said at about 6:30 Wednesday night.

The officer, whose name Boddington did not release because his family hadn't yet been reached, was dispatched to a call about a suspicious vehicle, a dark Toyota sitting in the parking lot of CS Convenience Store, 50 Main St., at about 4:50 p.m., the chief said. "The car was parked there for quite some time," he said.

When the officer arrived, the store's staff said the vehicle had left the premises, Boddington said.

The officer walked down Water Street and saw a vehicle fitting the same description parked near a laundromat down the street.

As he approached the car, he noticed a woman slumped over in the backseat, Boddington said.

He approached the passenger's side, and a man sitting in the passenger's seat grabbed his arm, Boddington said; then the driver sped off toward Hanover Street.

The officer was dragged with the car until the man in the passenger's seat released him near the intersection of Water and Hanover streets, the chief said.

The officer who was hurt has been on the force for three or four years, Boddington said, and formerly served in the military.

Investigation: A few hours after the incident, authorities were still looking into what had happened, trying to ascertain exactly how far the officer had been dragged and determine what they could from witnesses and surveillance video.

State police and other departments are assisting Southern Regional Police Department with the investigation, Boddington said.

They will be using surveillance footage from the convenience store to help figure out who was involved and exactly what happened.

The car's license plate shows that the driver is from Maryland, the chief said, and the license plate number is 4AG-6940.

By looking up the car through its registration number, "We know who the owner of the car is," Boddington said. "And we have some idea who the girl is."

It's only a matter of time until the people in the car are found, the chief said.

When they are found, they likely will face charges including aggravated assault of a police officer, which is a felony, he said.

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