Crash, downed lines close section of Route 74

Weight and width restrictions lifted from Norman Wood Bridge


The bridge that carries Route 372 — Holtwood Road – over the Susquehanna River had been closed to all traffic on Sept. 28 after a large crack was discovered in a steel girder on the north side of the structure.

The eight-foot crack was found during an inspection and the two-lane bridge, which PennDOT says carries more than 4,300 vehicles a day on average, was closed immediately after the discovery.

Engineers following the inspection said the bridge's structure was sound and could only speculate on the cause of the crack.

Detour: The closest alternative crossing points are routes 462 and 30 in the Wrightsville area well to the north or Maryland's Route 1 across the Conowingo Dam a ways to the south.

The closure of the 47-year-old bridge put drivers travelling south about 39 miles out of their way, and forced those travelling north on 46 mile trek as opposed to the easy five-mile journey over the bridge.

A single lane on Oct. 16 was reopened for vehicles under 8 feet wide and weighing less than five tons, and the girder has since been repaired by way of bolting two steel plates over the crack, according to PennDOT.

Single lane: Traffic on weekdays will remain restricted to a single lane with flaggers directing motorists through the work zone during daylight hours while crews make further repairs at other locations on the bridge, according to a PennDOT news release.

The repaired areas will also receive a paint job via snooper crane — a piece of equipment that allows for maintenance to be performed the under side of a bridge — and a platform truck.

The restricted traffic pattern for the bridge, which is the only crossing of the river in southern York County, are expected to remain in place for several weeks, according to the press release.

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