The search for greener grass is eternal, even for York's llamas


Three llamas escaped from their Springettsbury Township enclosure on Monday morning, police said, likely for the same reason humans tend to stray.

"Apparently the grass was a little greener on the other side of the fence," Springettsbury Township Police Sgt. Brian Wilbur said.


According to Wilbur, the llamas' owner told police the animals — which are related to camels and native to the Andes — are always on the lookout for tender, green grass. The trio broke out of their pen in the 3400 block of Druck Valley Road about 8:30 a.m. to find some, the sergeant said.

Despite their jailbreak, the llamas not only failed to make it as far as the roadway, they also didn't traverse it, he said.

That was likely good news for Wilbur, who didn't have to field reporters' questions as to why the llamas crossed the road.

The owner's property sits far back from Druck Valley Road, so people were able to herd them back toward their enclosure, according to the sergeant.

"They actually ran back in their own pen (by themselves)," Wilbur said.

Responding Officer Scott Altland didn't have much to do when he arrived at the scene.

"I don't think he even got out of his car," Wilbur said. "Scott just kind of followed them up the driveway," until they filed back into their pen.

The llamas had about a half-hour of freedom, according to 911 radio transmissions.

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