LETTER: Hellam mailer neglected facts

York Dispatch

Recently Hellam Township residents received a letter disparaging Smart Growth supervisors, two of whom, Martin and Wolf, are running for re-election. Here are the real facts:

Our township's tax millage is in line with other second-class townships in the county that have their own or contract for police services and cannot levy a business tax or rely on landfill tax income. Unlike school taxes, our municipal tax rate has not increased since the previous board under Phil Smith's leadership set it 12 years ago.

Labeling municipal ordinances that protect our environmental resources and are required by state mandates "environmental extremism" is like calling state policies "extremist."

The township's financial policy of consistently maintaining over $1 million in surplus without raising taxes is certainly not "spending money like drunken sailors."

The purchase of a police cruiser, requested by our police department, cost no more than a regular outfitted cruiser.

Republicans Martin, Wolf and Sprenkle lost by a small margin (not a "landslide") in the May primary but won places on the November ballot because of write-ins by concerned voters.

Keep what we value in Hellam Township, including honest, experienced supervisors. Vote for Martin, Wolf and Sprenkle on Nov. 3.


Hellam Twp.