West York Borough Council chooses waste removal service


West Yorkers will "most likely" end up paying more for waste removal services next year, according to West York Borough Council President Garrett Wampler.

A three-year contract bid from Republic Services of $1,289,340 for waste removal was approved at the West York Borough Council meeting Monday night. This will be $429,780 per year, an increase from 2013's contract of $416,200 per year, according to Wampler.

Wampler said that the price was about $10,000 less per year than was anticipated.

Two weekly pickups: At the meeting, several bids from Penn Waste and Republic Services were discussed, many of which included pickups once each week instead of twice a week. These pickups would have allowed customers to have six bags collected once per week instead of four bags collected twice a week.

Councilman Joe Mummert said if collections were once a week, the trash would pile up.

"It's going to look just like the city," he said.

Councilwoman Shelley Metzler said apartments were too condensed for trash pickup to be once per week.

The council agreed the pickups need to be twice per week.

The contract: Councilman Nick Laughman pushed for the three-year contract to make sure the annual price does not go up again.

He said the three-year contract will allow the borough to know that the waste services company is committed to the price.

The contract will go into effect Jan. 1, 2016, and last until Dec. 31, 2018.

Residents: Republic Services will provide the same service that is already in effect. There will still be two weekly trash pickups of up to four bags, one weekly pickup for recycling, one bulk item pickup per week and one Christmas tree pickup annually, according to Wampler.

Wampler said the increased cost for service will most likely mean the residents will pay more, but he did not have exact numbers.

The increase in cost is not uncommon: Wampler stated that the previous contract of $416,200 a year was an increase from the $395,000-a-year contract before it. Wampler also said he was not sure yet how the change will affect landlords and renters.

Previous issues: During a budget talk at the last meeting, Wampler discussed tax increases. He said that since the meeting he has not heard any feedback from residents. The budget was not discussed at Monday's meeting.

Wampler said after the meeting that talks with the police union are ongoing. The council and police officers have previously spoken in meetings of lowering the cost of the borough's police force by renegotiating some parts of the union contract.

What's next: Wampler said the budget will be discussed and advertised at the next two meetings and adopted in December. He said the council is getting to the point where decisions needed to be made.

During one of the August council meetings, York Water Co. CEO Jeffrey Hines approached the council with the idea of buying the sewer system.

The council unanimously liked the idea and voted to put the system out for bid. The council will go over bids at the next meeting, Monday, Nov. 2.

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