York City zoning, planning boards seek members


Having recently lost a member each, the York City Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission Board need members.

By law the Planning Commission Board, now at six members, can have three to nine, City Planner Nicole Gallup said Monday night. But it's better for the board to have an odd number, so it needs at least one more member.

The Zoning Hearing Board, which approves or denies the recommendations of the Planning Commission Board, now has only four members, and there should be at least five, with three alternate members, Zoning Officer Cheryl Rascoe said.

Members of both boards must be city residents, Planning Commission Board Secretary Jessica Fieldhouse said. The boards ideally should represent many different areas of the city as well as a variety of perspectives; the Planning Commission Board welcomes anyone from a stay-at-home mom to an attorney to a developer to a contractor, she said.

Those interested should submit a letter of intent to the mayor's office.