Neighbors: Peace wanted in Spring Garden Twp.


Some Spring Garden Township residents, weary of what they describe as a window-rattling ruckus created by passing trucks, are asking township commissioners to prohibit the use of engine brakes on Hollywood Drive.

Resident Dennis Henry recently told commissioners they should amend the township ordinance to include Hollywood Drive as a street that prohibits the use of compression release engine brakes.

The current ordinance includes only Country Club Road, beginning at George Street and continuing to Richland Avenue.

However, Henry said the disturbance caused by trucks traveling down Hollywood Drive is intolerable. He said overloaded trucks are utilizing compression release systems in order to drive at dangerously fast speeds on the road, which includes a sharp descent before merging with Hill Street and intersecting with Mount Rose Avenue.

"It rattles the windows," he said.

According to Henry, not only are the trucks obnoxious with their noisiness, but they also pose a threat to children living on Hollywood Drive.

York Suburban High School is located along the road, as are the York Jewish Community Center, a synagogue and a church.

"There's no reason for the trucks to be traveling at the speed they're traveling," Henry told commissioners at their September meeting.

He said neighbors have grown increasingly restless and want the disturbance to end.

"Our neighbors are in accord with what we're trying to do," he said with a nod to his wife, Carol Henry, and an accompanying neighbor.

Residents of the Hollywood Heights neighborhood have said they're also living in noisy times after highway workers recently removed a row of trees that formerly buffered some noise from Interstate 83, making way for a sound barrier to be installed as part of an interchange project at the Mount Rose Exit.

Officials have said it's not clear when the sound wall will be installed.

Commissioners said they're working a solution to the engine-brake noise.

"It is an open issue and is still under review," said Greg Maust, the township manager.

They expect to take up the issue at Spring Garden's October meeting, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14.