York City: Residents should prepare for Hurricane Joaquin


York City has released a storm preparations advisory to prepare Yorkers for the potential of major rainfall and high winds related to Hurricane Joaquin. Those in the area should take time to prepare for a storm, the release states.

Before the storm arrives:

•Check and clear street storm drains and house gutters. Make sure your downspouts are attached and clear.

•If your basement is prone to flooding, move items to safer places.

•Secure outdoor furniture, trash cans, recycling bins and other items: high winds could blow them around, making them cause damage or turning them into a danger to others.

•Check your emergency supplies. Make sure you have necessary items, working flashlights, food and medications.

•Check on your neighbors and family members.

During and after the storm:

•Turn on your TV or radio and follow local news and weather reports, which will provide the latest weather updates and emergency instructions for your area.

•Don't go out to sight-see: stay indoors during the storm.

•Do not drive around road-closed barricades. Be mindful that two feet of water can float a car and flooded roadways can easily carry you or your vehicle away.

•Don't let children play in moving or standing water. Know that it only takes 6 inches of swift running water to knock an adult over, and the rainwater runoff can carry various hazardous materials that could make children and adults sick.

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