Fair attendance by the numbers

Staff Writer

With the York Fair in full swing, organizers are happy with the attendance so far.

"We are pleased that many people are getting into the 250th spirit," said Mike Froehlich, general manager of the York Fair, "We hope they keep coming."

On Sunday, the fair was so packed, many residents found it hard to find a parking spot. Organizers found themselves having to shut down lots during the day and divert traffic to other parts of the fairgrounds.

Here is what attendance has looked like so far, according to York Fair records:

Sept. 11, 97,102

Sept 12, 24,724

Sept. 13, 98,852

Sept. 14, 57,948

Sept. 15, 28,278

Sept. 16, 25,764

Sept. 17, 34,408

Sept. 18, 64,680