250th York Fair: 8 things you shouldn't miss


Are you counting down the days?

The York Fair is starting Friday. It's turning 250 years old.

Michael Froehlich, general manager of the York Fair and York Expo Center, talked with The York Dispatch about what visitors can expect from the fair this year.

"We have lots of good things planned," he said. "A good mix of the old and new."

The fair will run Sept. 11-20, and organizers expect about 500,000 people to attend.

1. Outdoor circus: This year, the big-top circus will be outside in the hopes of dazzling visitors.

2. No chickens: Because of a nationwide rise of chicken deaths as a result of the bird flu, the fair will not have any displays involving poultry.

3. Fireworks: To end the 10-day fair, organizers are bringing back a full fireworks display at the end of the event.

4. Old West bar: Before attending the big concerts, grab a drink at the newly installed western saloon at the racetrack. Froehlich said organizers thought the theme would go well with the fair. It looks like an old-time saloon with western doors and a player piano, all made in-house for the fair.

5. Carnival eats: The Cooking Channel show "Carnival Eats" will be on site, filming some of the local eateries featured at the fair. You could end up on television.

6. Selfie sticks allowed: While the Maryland State Fair banned the use of selfie sticks, Froehlich said they won't be taken away if you enter the grounds with them.

7. 250-year history lesson: Organizers have been busy over the year, gathering relics from past fairs. Be sure to check out the 250-year display featured on-site. The exhibition will feature pictures, memorabilia and a look at how the fair has endured during many changing times in York County history.

8. Bigger parade: The opening parade will feature an array of as many as 70 local acts. It will start at the Utz Arena and make its way to the grandstand.