Ten fun facts about the York Fair


The York Fair is turning 250 this year. Here are some fun facts you might not have known about one of the oldest fairs in America.

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1.The first York Fair was held in 1765, before the United States was officially founded.

2.In 1918, the fair was cancelled due to an influenza outbreak that later killed 166 people.

3.A murder in 1815 at the Fair discontinued the event until 1853.

4.In 1926 a new Grandstand was constructed and the fair became a five-day event, opening on Tuesdays and closing on Saturdays.

5.York County Agricultural Society constructed its new Arena in 2003, creating 114,000 square feet of rentable year-round exhibit space.

6.Every year the fair has 160 events packed into its ten day celebration.

7.In 1997 the fair expanded to become a ten-day fair that includes two full weekends.

8. In 1942, the fair dates were moved from October to September.

9. The first York Fair existed as a two-day agricultural market on the town commons, now known as Penn Park.

10. John F. Kennedy stopped by the York Fair in 1960.

information obtained from York Fair website.

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