Pennsylvania ranked 11th most "dog happy" state in USA


Happy National Dog Appreciation Day.

Just remember Pennsylvania has been ranked the eleventh most "Dog Happy" U.S. state, according to the Milo's Kitchen 'Dog Happy' Survey.

To create this national doggy appreciation ranking, Milo's Kitchen brand dog treats surveyed 3,000 dog parents to determine how regularly they engage in thankful, grateful, and loving behaviors with their dogs.

This includes buying regular gifts for their dog, petting their dog, and telling their dog "I love you."

The top ranking states include

1. California 2. New York 3. Washington 4. Tennessee 5. Florida 6. Massachusetts 7. Texas 8. Missouri 9. Ohio 10. Arizona 11. Pennsylvania 12. Michigan 13. New Hampshire 14. Kentucky 15. Montana 16. Colorado 17. Louisiana 18. North Dakota 19. Illinois 20. Delaware 21. Kansas 22. Wisconsin 23. Alabama 24. Virginia 25. Arkansas