LETTER: Strapped senior asks: Who would allow this?

York Dispatch

Dear Gov. Tom Wolf and the Dallastown Area School Board,

I was going to write a lengthy column stating lots of quotes from prior articles pertaining to operating costs and costs per year to educate each student, but decided instead to just state my facts.

Fact 1: Senior citizen.

Fact 2: Widow, single income.

Fact 3: Social Security check each month — $1,106.

Fact 4: School tax three-month installment plan — $1,104.83.

Fact 5: $1.17 left over each month for three months.

It didn't take $13,000 per year to educate me to do this math.

What kind of state and government allows and mandates this to continue happening?

Perhaps I could go to school to get a free lunch every day for the three months income it took to pay my taxes.

Also, could you give me one of those free laptop computers that you are giving away, as I have no electronic devices or Internet?

See you all at the county home when we are all flat-a-- busted.