First day of school at Hannah Penn delayed by mold


Some York City school students will be enjoying a couple extra days for summer vacation after mold was discovered at Hannah Penn K-8.

The 415 E. Boundary Ave. school was slated to open next Monday for classes along with all other district schools.

But officials opted to delay opening Hannah Penn until Wednesday, Aug. 26, after surface mold was discovered in a few places around the building recently.

District officials said they believe the mold resulted from the building's air conditioning system being turned off for the summer and from the high humidity outside, according to a news release.

"Numerous air quality tests have been conducted and consistently show that there are no air quality concerns," Eric Holmes, district superintendent, said in the release.

The fix: The district will have all air conditioning pipe insulation removed and replaced with mold-resistant material in an effort to make sure mold doesn't develop again, according to the press release.

Workers will have to turn off the HVAC system to complete the repairs, causing the start of school to be delayed.

Though students will be missing two days of school, they won't have to make them up because the district has already has 184 days of class scheduled this year, above state-required 180 days of class, said Erin James, district spokeswoman.

The 2015-16 school year is just the second year students will attend classes in the school after it reopened in 2014. Hannah Penn Middle School was closed in 2012 as part of a district reorganization caused by dwindling enrollment.

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