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LETTER: Social Security - 'Pay the money back!'

York Dispatch

In this new American political season, I'd like to put forth one very simple idea. We the people, through our elected representatives, borrowed money from the Social Security Trust Fund, so why can't we the people, through our elected representatives, pay back the money?

There is money for foreign aid. There is money to watch a shrimp walk on a treadmill. There was even money, in a federal grant, for a sociologist, so he could study the social habits in a Peruvian whore house. Why is there no money with which to pay back the Social Security Trust Fund?

Every politician wants to "save" the Social Security system by hurting the people. Work until you are 85, then, whoever is left standing will be allowed to draw a check. Put the Social Security Trust Fund in the stock market and pray to God that we don't lose it all. These are solutions?

I would love to see the simple idea of repaying the Social Security Trust Fund catch fire and become a national campaign. Imagine every politician, who wishes to speak publicly, greeted with chants of "Pay the money back!" "Pay the money back!" "Pay the money back!" The message would be clear. Get on board, or get left behind.

I leave the matter in the hands of my fellow Americans. Hold the politicians responsible or die without ever knowing the joy of retirement.


West Manchester Twp.