Police: Felton man charged again with invasion of privacy


Police say a Felton man who had been sentenced to time behind bars just 10 days earlier for invasion of privacy was charged with it again for taking photos up a woman's skirt.

Sean Eric Mathews, 23, of Felton, told his family as police arrested him that he was being taken away for "the same thing as last time," according to police.

Just before noon on Thursday, Southern York County Regional Police were called to the Giant Foods grocery store on Mount Airy Road in Shrewsbury. When they got there, a woman told them she'd been shopping when she sensed someone behind her. When she looked around, police say she told them, she saw a man bent over, using his cell phone to take pictures up her skirt.

She confronted him and he ran away, fleeing the store and then driving out of the parking lot, according to police.

A few people who found this behavior unusual noted the car's license plate, and reported it to police. The officers figured out Mathews owned the car and showed up at his house, police say. When they got there, he told them he knew why they were there, and that he was sorry, according to police. Police say he told them the pictures were still on his phone.

Mathews was charged with invasion of privacy, harassment and disorderly conduct, police said.

He had previously pleaded guilty Aug. 3 to charges of invasion of privacy, and was due to be locked up Sept. 3, according to police.

For now, he remains in York County Prison on $10,000 bail, according to police.

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