Witnesses: Shots a close call in York City


Shots fired in York City Tuesday night came dangerously close to striking a resident, witnesses say.

Police were called to the 100 block of North Queen Street shortly before 9 p.m.; callers originally told 911 dispatchers there had been a shooting, but then, according to emergency radio transmissions, officers spoke with Jenny Hogan, a woman who lives in the area who said the bullets came closest to hitting her but that no one was hurt.

She and a couple other people had walked down the block to buy a Cherry Pepsi from a store on the corner of Queen and Philadelphia streets, she told The York Dispatch, and she was walking back home when the shots rang out — "pow, pow," she said.

She was walking up the western sidewalk of the street, and the shots came from the east-west alley just north of Philadelphia Street, she said.

She ran and ducked out of the line of fire, unhurt but shaken.

"My ear's still ringing," she said, motioning to the left side of her head about a half an hour after the incident.

She said she didn't know the shooter and didn't believe she was the target.

It was unclear Tuesday night whether police had anyone in custody.

— Reach Sean Philip Cotter at scotter@yorkdispatch.com.