VIDEO OP-ED: Get involved and fight back with Project Vote Smart


"When candidates deceive us and disparage each other, they degrade the nation. Campaigns have always been bitterly fought, but when truth can no longer catch up with the lies and the selfish interests will not be set aside for the common good, they cripple our nation. This is our time. This is our generation's challenge. We have the means to rein these people in and end this cancer eating at the very heart of our society. And the founders wagered that we would fight. Out of the ugliness a bright light is being lit - a voter self-defense system that allows any citizen to instantly access abundant, accurate and relevant information about our representatives or those who wish to replace them. Tolerance of these people is no longer our only option."

-- Richard Kimball, co-founder of Vote Smart

Watch the video to find out more about Project Vote Smart.