Yorkers say they see many drivers texting


Even those who do it admit it's a dangerous practice.

Justin Wolfe knows it's dangerous, but he'll admit that he has sent texts while driving.

"I've been guilty," said the 34-year-old York City resident. "Though I really do seriously try not to, now."

He said he's become increasingly more aware of how bad an idea doing so is as he's read more about it.

"Even if you think you're 'good at it'" — Wolfe hung air quotes around those words with his fingers — it's still so dangerous, he said.

He talked about the strategy of typing maybe one letter, then looking up, and then looking down at the phone again and typing another one.

"I think I'm being real careful," but in reality, anytime you take your eyes off the road, something bad can happen, he said.

Ashlyn: Scott Stambaugh knows firsthand how dangerous it can be. His daughter, Ashlyn, 17, died in a March car crash police and her parents say likely happened because she was distracted by sending a text.

"You never think it's gonna happen to you, you know? Or someone you love," he said.

Scott Stambaugh said he knows it's hard to resist — he's caught himself checking his phone on the road. In this day and age, when our phones buzz, beep or light up, it's almost an unconscious response to reach for them, he said.

Ashlyn Stambaugh hadn't been typing much, just sending a quick "I'm here," or something to that effect, to let her friend know she was about to pull up outside the friend's house to pick her up.

But she never got there.

"It's every day you think about it," he said. "Some days you can't escape thinking about it all day long. Somehow you get through."

'Just don't': Becky Caldwell of West York said she never texts while driving, but she often sees people doing so.

"It makes me angry," she said.

She said she thinks the citation that fines a texter $50 and doesn't involve any other penalties is too lenient.

She's told her nieces and nephews that they shouldn't text while behind the wheel and about how dangerous it is.

Shane and Paula Pawelczyk, about to go grocery shopping with their young daughter in tow, said they both often see people texting while driving. They said they don't do it themselves, though they will sometimes send a text while stopped at a red light, which is legal.

Shane Pawelczyk said it scares him when he sees drivers texting.

"Just don't," he said, watching his young daughter twirl around with one of the kids' shopping carts Weis Markets has in their stores. "There's too many kids out there."