Decorative LED lights approved for five York City bridges


The bright lights of the big city will be shining on the Codorus Creek when decorative lights are installed on bridges over the creek in York City.

During their weekly meeting Wednesday, York County commissioners OK'd a deal with Downtown Inc allowing the nonprofit agency, which works to bring business and people to the city, to install the lights on each of the county-owned bridges.

The plan calls for adding decorative LED lights to the base of the railings on five county-owned bridges, said Tim Fulton, program coordinator with Downtown Inc.

"That will cast light onto the sidewalks," he told commissioners, adding some light will also shine onto the water below.

Downtown Inc is picking up the tab for the lighting project and is relying on public and private donations to fund it.

Lights: The first bridge to receive the lighting treatment will be the West Philadelphia Street bridge, which is undergoing a rehabilitation project.

The lights will be added about the time the project is slated to wrap up later this year, Fulton said.

The North Beaver Street, West King Street, West Princess Street and West College Avenue bridges over the creek also will be illuminated.

The exact style of lights that will be used, as well as the cost of the initiative, have yet to be determined.

As far as style of the lights go, one option is to use white lights and another is to use lights that can change colors, said Tim Miller, a project administrator with Downtown Inc, during an interview.

That would allow the bridges to be flooded with, for example, green or red light around Christmastime, he said.

The West College Avenue bridge also will have a motion sensor light installed under it as a safety measure in honor of Gary Sonke, former president of Downtown Inc.

"One of his major focuses was on safety, and this is a tribute to him," Fulton told commissioners.

The York County Heritage Rail Trail passes under the bridge, and the lighting will be activated by someone using the trail.

Downtown Inc also hopes to illuminate other local- and state-owned bridges over the creek in the city, including the West Market Street and North George Street bridges.

The overall project could take years to complete, Miller said.

Other news: Also during the meeting, commissioners approved purchasing new ballistic vests for the county's Department of Probation Services.

Under the contract with Witmer Public Safety Group of Coatsville, the department will receive 25 vests at a cost of $595 each.

That brings the total contract to $14,875 for the vests.

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