Looking to curb distracted driving


The York County Center for Traffic Safety has some plans in the works to try to cut down on distracted driving.

Wayne Harper, the center's director, is analyzing crash data to try to figure out where the most text-related crashes happen.

His office, which often coordinates traffic-safety efforts such as DUI checkpoints, will work with police to set up extra enforcement in these areas.

This prong of the enforcement effort wouldn't hugely address the roots of the broader problem of distracted driving — namely, the fact that so many people don't think it's an issue that they do sometimes text while driving — but, Harper said, this narrow "laser-beam approach" could help keep people safe.

Harper also talked about working with community organizations, school districts and the like in broader parts of the county that his office might find to have more issues with distracted driving.

But Harper said the battle against distracted driving will be an uphill one — who knows what smartphones will allow people to do from their vehicles next, after all.

"Until we have autonomous vehicles out there that can't run into each other, we're going to be trying to get people to stop doing something behind the wheel," he said.

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