York's unofficial walking trail to close when Memorial Hospital construction starts


Walking will soon come to an end.

At least temporarily.

As construction is set to begin on the new Memorial Hospital off Loucks Road, officials plan to close the walking trail on the site.

The closure could be as long as 18 to 24 months, Memorial Hospital officials said.

Because of the trail's popularity, hospital spokesman Jason McSherry said the hospital will incorporate a new trail for residents to use once the building is complete.

The hospital has not announced the closure date and is still waiting for final approval on certain items before the actual building process begins.

Memorial Hospital did repairs to the trail on the now-defunct Hawk Lake golf course in 2009, inviting residents to enjoy it for exercise.

The trail now includes signs to help engage walkers enjoying the scenery.

It has become an unofficial spot for York County residents to get some exercise.

Hospital administrators announced plans to build the multi-million dollar facility on the former golf course site on Loucks Road more than five years ago.

Memorial's current 100-bed facility is located in the 300 block of South Belmont Street in Spring Garden Township.

While major construction won't happen until the fall, crews have started demolition on old houses surrounding the property.

The project could cost a total of $120 million to $130 million, The 220,000-square-foot building is anticipated to take a year and a half to two years to complete.