Famous tattoo artist Scott Black, native of Dallastown, dies


An artist lives forever.

Scott Black, a York County tattoo artist, on Sunday passed away after a long battle with liver cancer. His work, however — drawings and hundreds of thousands of tattoos, arguably among the most permanent types of art — will endure.

Black, who grew up in Dallastown, turned drawing lessons from his grandmother into a career that lasted for nearly 40 years and earned him a place of reverence in his community.

Black started off doing tattoos with very fine needles attached to a thin piece of bamboo, developing a signature freehand style where he would draw right on the skin.

Troy Myers, a professional fisherman from West York, met Black more than 15 years ago.

The two became fast friends after Black performed 100 hours of tattoo work on him, most of which expresses Myers' passion for fishing.

"People in the industry compliment me all the time," Myers said of his tattoos.

"They all say they've never seen anything like it. He was an amazing guy with an incredible talent."

Myers said his most recent fishing tournament win was dedicated to his longtime friend.

Black won 60 artisan awards in a variety of conventions including several local shows, and Eddie Ojeda, lead guitarist from Twisted Sister, and Chad Taylor of Live both sought out Black for his talents.

In addition, ESP Guitar Co., Dragonforce, Motorhead and Blue Oyster Cult all have featured his artwork on their guitars.

"He was a true blessing to everyone," said his wife, Heather Black.

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