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Sen. Wagner's Capitol office now under watchful eye


There's an extra set of eyes gazing at a York County senator's office in Harrisburg after someone repeatedly tore down the name sign from his door.

Two smartphones were jerry-rigged to ornate wooden fire extinguisher stands in the hallway outside Sen. Scott Wagner's office about a month ago and now keep a watchful eye on the plaque on his door and other signs outside his office.

The phones were taped to the stands about a month ago after the Republican senator from Spring Garden Township and his staff members often turned up to work to find Wagner's name plaque on the floor, said Jason High, Wagner's chief of staff.

Someone would also deface political signs Wagner had outside his office, which High said wasn't that much of a big deal, but then Wagner's name plaque started to end up on the floor.

"But then they started messing with his door sign," he said. "Things have been happening for a while. There was a flurry of activity."

That's when the Senate GOP put up the cameras.

Cameras: One of the phones is a old iPhone while the other is a newer model that has a cracked screen, making it essentially useless for everyday use but a pretty good impromptu security camera, High said.

The cameras seem to be doing their job deterring people from damaging the signs.

"We haven't had any problems in a while," he said.

Wagner is known for his controversial and often humorous signs that address hot-button issues and typically target Democrats and unions.

"The ideas are his. He likes to express himself," High said. "He does pay for them himself."

The latest sign has a cartoon version of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's face — complete with his beard and glasses — over a image of the Kool-Aid man with the PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) Juice written on the top. A word bubble coming from Wolf's mouth reads "Stop thinking and keep on drinking."

"We've got nothing but positive responses about it," High said.

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