Plans emerge to remove eyesore near York City school


York City redevelopment officials are moving forward with a plan to purchase a pile of rubble that was once a factory employing hundreds of people.

The building at 300 N. State St. was partially demolished and then abandoned, leaving an ugly stain on the neighborhood near Goode K-8 school.

"It's what's left of Danskin," said Shilvosky Buffaloe, the city's director of economic and community development.

Danskin closed its doors in 2009 in search of cheaper labor. As recently as 1989, it was York City's largest employer.

County records show 300 North State Street LP bought the 4-acre property in 2010 for $260,000.

The city's Redevelopment Authority voted Wednesday to authorize the property's acquisition for $25,000 — an amount that covers what the owner owes in delinquent taxes, Buffaloe said.

Demolition: Only about 30 percent of the former factory was actually demolished, though it might look like more, Buffaloe said.

Much of the "built to last" structure remains intact, he said.

Buffaloe said he finds it troubling the eyesore is located so close to a school.

The RDA's vote was "the first hurdle" in a process that will likely involve more demolition, site remediation, development proposals and future construction, he said.

The RDA has not yet acquired a cost estimate for completing the demolition.

"The site lends itself to an adaptive re-use project," Buffaloe said.

New housing: The neighborhood would benefit from a mixed-income housing project with modern amenities, Buffaloe said.

Looking ahead, Buffaloe said he expects his department will request funds in the city's 2016 budget to match potential grants for site cleanup.

If the funds are available, the property could probably be cleared of rubble within a few months next year, he said.

Under the most optimistic circumstances, a development project could be underway in 2017, Buffaloe said.

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