Rummaging bear trapped in Fairview


A black bear that had been rummaging through Fairview Township residents' garbage over the past few weeks has been trapped and released in a less populated area, according to township police.

In addition to the nuisance, residents also were worried about "a negative encounter" between the bear and people or their pets, police said in a news release.

That prompted the state Game Commission to set a trap for the animal Wednesday in an area near Old York Road and Marsh Run Road in New Cumberland.

The healthy young bear was captured within 24 hours, sedated, measured, tagged and finally released in a wooded area of Dauphin County, "where he has more woodlands to roam and should have less potential to cause problems with people," according to the release.

Citing Wildlife Conservation Officer Kyle Jury, the release said it's not unusual to find male black bears around this age and size – 130 pounds – in the area. Residents who encounter a black bear should not approach it; they should contact police or the Game Commission.

The Game Commission also recommends homeowners remove all garbage, bird feeders, or other food sources that may attract the bear, according to the release.