Flying is a family tradition for many at York Airport


David Brickell could barely see out of the plane window when he started flying with his father.

At a young age, the York resident was hooked on flying.

It inspired him to go to flight school. Vacations with his parents were flown to, not driven.

"We went everywhere," he said. "From Maine to California, always in a plane."

Now a grandfather, Brickell hopes to inspire his young grandaughter to become a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol, an auxilary organization of the Air Force.

Like Brickell, many families came out to learn about flight Saturday at York Airport's Aviation Days celebration.

Brickell spent the day doing what he loves best: talking about planes.

"If you have $250,000, you can buy that one," he joked to the crowd.

Hundreds of families came from all over the state to enjoy music, ride in a helicopter and learn about flying.

A viewing gallery was set up to watch the aircrafts come and go.

Classic cars lined the airport as visitors walked in.

Kevin Schroeder flew in for the weekend from Michigan and decided to attend the show.

He got into flying and the Civil Air Patrol to bond with his family. Both his daughters and his wife are also members.

"It was one thing we could do together," the Pennsylvania native said. "You could say the whole family is involved."

Brickell said the best part of the day is watching children sit in the cockpit.

"Their eyes just get so big," he said.

He expects that even more families will turn out on Sunday for the event because it's Father's Day.

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