Kids get the chance to hang out with some super friends at Brown's Orchards


Plenty of kids came dressed as their favorite superheroes — for example, plenty of little Batmen ran around with Wonder Women, Spider-Men and Iron Men Saturday afternoon at Brown's Orchards in Loganville. But that wasn't quite creative enough for Abigael Underwood.

The 5-year-old, sporting a pink cape and a halo of flowers around her head, had created her own mighty alter ego — Bloom Superhero, who "has flower power" and "makes flowers bloom and then close up for the winter."

She and a flock of probably more than 100 other kids and parents turned out Saturday afternoon for the Strawberries and Superheroes event at Brown's Orchards, which featured kids games, food, pick-your-own strawberries and, of course, superheroes.

"Superheroes always bring the kids out," said Dave Brown, who owns Brown's Orchards, adding that this was about the crowd he expected.

His own young son, Sean, who had been rambling around in the grass nearby, toddled over to be picked up. Dave Brown said his son wanted to go get his face painted, but the dad wanted to wait until the long line went down a little bit. So Brown, who said he was "off the clock" at the orchards Saturday afternoon, strolled around with his kids, swinging past some of the kids games such as cornhole and some playground equipment.

Superheroes: Several adult superheroes also wandered around the area, chatting with the kids, who got a kick out of posing for pictures with Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and more.

Wonder Woman, with a caped dog in tow — or maybe vice versa — mingled with the couple dozen people in line for the face painting. The pair eventually moved on, though, after the super pooch got a sudden hankering for a kid's stuffed animal.

Liam and Tessa Tomko, 5 and 3 respectively, had already visited the face-painting station. Their foreheads were each adorned with a version of the bat symbol — black and blue for Liam, and white and pink for Tessa. The younger Tomko also sported Spider-Man shirt and pants, while the elder kid wore a Batman T-shirt. As they used some art supplies on a picnic table to create some masks, their grandmother, Jan Rego, asked them what their favorite part of the afternoon had been — face painting, superheroes, the masks, or something else.

Liam solemnly pondered this for a minute, and then stated the conclusion he'd come to.

"The superheroes," he said.

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