Latest York County food inspections: 3 out of compliance

David Weissman
York Dispatch

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected April 24-30.


Regular inspections:

Parma Pizza and Grill, 1041 Haines Road, 7 violations

Action: Violations included improper food control procedures; food prep station under dirty ventilation ducts; loose rubber gaskets; dirty microwave; food employees not wearing proper hair restraints; and utensils improperly stored.

Note: This is the second time this facility has been ruled out of compliance since March 2017.

Ray's Family Restaurant, 7523 Carlisle Road, Wellsville, 9 violations

Action: Violations included broken door gasket; no soap at hand wash sink; facility using sanitizer at improper concentration; wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer; open employee beverages in kitchen; raw chicken and beef stored above ready-to-eat foods; food not being date marked; and leak behind ice machine.

Other-than-regular inspections:

New ownership:

Aroma Buffet and Grill, 2801 E. Market St., 13 violations

Action: Violations included wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer; no sanitizer test strips available; improper material used to repair water pipe; mops not being hung to air dry; severely dented canned peaches; encrusted grease and soil in shelving; clean dish racks stored on floor; frozen fish sitting at room temperature; no sanitizer available; original food certificate not posted in public view; soap dispensers not working; and raw meat held at improper temperature.


Other-than-regular inspections:


Godfrey Bros., 7137 Susquehanna Trail

China One, 109 Glen Dr., Manchester


Boone's Cook Book Cafe, 51 N. Main St., Jacobus

Eberly's Smoked Meats, 801 Delta Road, Red Lion

Henry's Ham, 201 Memory Lane

Mose's Family Jerky, 201 Memory Lane

Pizza Truck, 1995 Old Trail Road, Newberry Township

New ownership:

Turkey Hill Minit Market, 346 W. Broadway, Red Lion

Dough and Arrows, 1452 Baltimore St., Hanover

Turkey Hill Minit Market, 2 W. Main St., Dallastown

Arby's, 2600 Keyway Dr.


Arby's, 2810 E. Market St.


Regular inspections:

Baresville Elementary School, 135 Sanford Ave., Hanover

G's Pizza, 879 Zimmerman Road, Red Lion

Hufnagle's Hotel Hanover, 15 Center Square, Hanover

Lattuca's Sub Bar, 1601 W. Market St.

Outdoor Country Club Snack Bar, 1157 Detwiler Dr.

Park Hills Elementary School, 137 W. Granger St., Hanover

Shiloh Family Restaurant, 2071 Carlisle St.

Tacos Y Tortas Mexican Restaurant, 43 E. Walnut St., Hanover

American Legion Post No. 455, 19222 Barennis S. Road, Stewartstown

Southern Elementary School, 3280 Fissels Church Road, Glen Rock

Southern Middle School, 3280 Fissels Church Road, Glen Rock

Subway, 576 Shrewsbury Commons Ave., Shrewsbury

The Crab Shack N' Seafood, 1066 Mt. Rose Ave.

York Dairy Delight, 2200 Rosstown Road, Lewisberry

Rock-it Pizza, 1995 Old Trail Road, Newberry Township

Dollar General, 835 E. Main St., Dallastown

McDonald's, 350 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover

Pizza Town USA, 50 W. Maple St., East Prospect

R.C. Theaters, 380 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover

Walmart, 2801 E. Market St.

Accomac Inn, 6330 S. River Dr.

Bimbo Bakeries USA, 1851 Loucks Road

King Chef, 1938 W. Market St.

Sam and Jo's Gyros, 139 Gilbert Lane, Wrightsville

York Country Day School, 1071 Country Club Road