Layoffs affect 360 local workers, but about 100 already rehired

Jason Addy
York Dispatch

After three months without news of any major layoffs in York County, 360 workers got notice in August that their jobs were ending, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

The employee-recruitment arm of DHL Supply Chain has informed 223 employees at Federal-Mogul Motorparts in Manchester Township that they will be out of a job at the start of 2018, according to layoff notices filed to comply with the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

In addition, more than 130 Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station workers also lost their jobs over the past two weeks, according to the WARN notices, but almost all are expected to be rehired, said Exelon Generation spokeswoman Lacey Dean.

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Exelon Generation switched labor-recruitment firms from Aptim Services to Allied Power Systems, prompting the formal layoff notices, but the new firm will hire workers from the same local union halls, Dean said.

Aptim Services laid off 108 workers from the nuclear power plant along the Susquehanna River, 99 workers at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Station in Dauphin County and 89 workers at the Limerick Generating Station in Montgomery County, according to the state Department of Labor.

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“For the most part, it’s the same people who have been working at the plants already,” Dean said. “They just switch over to this new staffing firm. They have to be laid off from one company to start at the other company.”

Many of those who got their pink slips earlier this month have already been rehired, Dean said.

Also, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based staffing firm LuTech Resources laid off 29 workers at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station.

LuTech also laid off 27 workers at the Limerick power plant, 26 workers at Three Mile Island and four workers at Exelon Generation's headquarters in Chester County, according to the WARN notices.

It's unclear if the LuTech workers also have been rehired through a different staffing company.