New ownership coming for Left Bank

Staff report
(from left to right) Chef David Albright and his wife, Julie, agreed to sell The Left Bank Restaurant and Bar to Mandy Arnold and her husband, Chef Sean. (Photo by Caleb Robertson)

The Left Bank Restaurant and Bar, one of downtown York City's best known fine dining establishments, will soon see new ownership for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Chef David Albright and his wife, Julie, have owned and operated the restaurant at the corner of North George Street and West Gas Avenue for 19 years.

On Wednesday, they agreed to sell the business to Chef Sean Arnold and his wife, Mandy Arnold, according to a news release from Gavin, a marketing agency where Mandy Arnold serves as CEO.

The official transfer of ownership is expected in September, pending final approval of the liquor license transfer by the state Liquor Control Board.

No closures or disruptions are planned during the transition, and the new owners will continue to operate the facility as The Left Bank Restaurant and Bar.

“While this announcement is bittersweet for us, we are so very thrilled for Sean and Mandy, as we know they are the right owners to take over the business that we’ve worked extremely hard to build and protect,” David Albright said in the release.

Sean Arnold, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and currently serves as a private chef and educator, said he's excited to build on the menu currently offered at the restaurant.

"Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition into ownership as we settle into the operations," Sean Arnold said in the release. "I’ll be getting right to work in the kitchen and look forward to incorporating fresh dishes, while carrying on the infamous dishes David has brought to his customers.”