FOOD INSPECTIONS: 1 out of compliance

David Weissman

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected Jan. 24-30.


Regular inspections:

Original Pizza, 113 Old York Road, New Cumberland, 12 violations

Action: Violations included person in charge answered incorrectly to food safety questions; original certificate not posted in public view; employee observed not following proper hand washing procedure; disposable cups used as scoops; meatballs held at improper temperature; time used in lieu of temperature to control ready-to-eat foods; no available sanitizer test strips; fryer baskets not being cleaned daily; accumulation of black mold-like residue observed on ice machine; accumulation of dried food debris observed inside microwave; no sanitizer used to clean utensils; clean food equipment stored in wet manner; single-use pizza boxes stored directly on floor; no water at hand wash sink in kitchen; and accumulation of static dust observed on fan guards and vent covers in walk-in cooler.


Other-than-regular inspections:


Illiano's J & P Restaurant and Pizzeria, 1154 W. Elm Ave., Hanover

Ruby Tuesday, 255 St. Charles Way

Red Mill Elementary School, 700 Red Mill Road, Newberry Township


Domino's Pizza, 350 S. Richland Ave.

Ma & Pa Pizza, 5850 Delta Road, Delta

McDonald's, 991 Carlisle St., Hanover

New ownership:

Our Special Nut House, 1649 Broadway, Hanover

Big Mouth on the Run, 1310 N. George St.

McDonald's, 2899 Whiteford Road


Locust Point Cattle Company, 5010 Carlisle Road, Dover


Regular inspections:

Big Fat Daddy's, 300 Shady Lane, Manchester

CVS Pharmacy, 635 Carlisle St., Hanover

Festive Board Deli, 2031 Springwood Road

Gary's Meat Locker, 236 Poplar St., Hanover

Giant, 455 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover

Kelly's Inn, 1906 N. Sherman St.

Orendorf Elementary School, 101 S. Hartman St., Manchester

Papa John's, 1083 Carlisle St., Hanover

Cedar Valley Pizzeria, 2560 New Park Road, New Park

Dallastown Elementary School, 106 S. Charles St., Dallastown

Four Springs Winery, 50 Main St., Seven Valleys

Giant, 130 Old York Road, New Cumberland

Gift Riteway, 9 Dairyland Square, Red Lion

Loganville-Springfield Elementary School, 169 N. Main St.

Rose's Pizza and Restaurant, 701 Third St., Hanover

St. Paul's Conway-Runkle Annex, 1958 Dubs Church Road, Hanover

Goofy's Eatery and Spirits, 5965 York Road, Spring Grove

JVP Inc., 1012 Baltimore St., Hanover

Rambler Inn, 6600 Lincoln Hwy., Thomasville

Rogers Grillin, 2693 Baltimore Pike, Hanover

Rutter's, 1400 Baltimore St., Hanover

Spring Grove Area Intermediate School, 4621 Roth Church Road, Spring Grove

Spring Grove Elementary, 1450 Roth Church Road, Spring Grove

Burning Bridge Tavern, 108 Hellam St., Wrightsville

China Wall, 398 York St., Hanover

Chinatown Kitchen, 1000 Carlisle St., Hanover

Ferrante's Pizza and Restaurant, 305 N. Baltimore St., Dillsburg

First United Methodist Church, 200 Frederick St., Hanover

First United Methodist Church, 200 E. Middle St., Hanover

Mt. Wolf Early, Sixth and Maple streets, Mount Wolf

The Nutrition Group, 5 Interchange Place

Subway, 852 U.S. Route 15 N., Dillsburg

C S Convenience Store, 8144 Blooming Grove Road, Glenville

China One, 2146 Palamino Road, Dover

Clarion Hotel, 148 Sheraton Dr., New Cumberland

Dollar General, 4911 Carlisle Road, Dover

Fox's Pizza Den, 2150 Palomino Road, Dover

Glen Rock Pizzeria, 144 Manchester St., Glen Rock

Glenville Inn, 7945 Glenville Road, Glenville

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 127 York St., Hanover

Subway, 2148 Palomino Road, Dover

Wendy's, 1283 Carlisle Road