FOOD INSPECTIONS: 4 out of compliance

David Weissman
  • McDonald's, on Arsenal Road, with 21 violations including fruit flies under frappe machine.
  • Red Mill Elementary School, in Newberry Twp., ruled out of compliance with evidence of rodents.

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected Jan. 3-9.


Regular inspections:

McDonald's, 60 Arsenal Road, 21 violations

Action: Violations included manager observed cleaning food equipment in hand wash sink; manager involved in food preparation without proper hair restraints; food employee observed not applying proper hand wash procedure; food employee in food prep wearing arm bands and ring; fully cooked pancakes stored in direct contact with raw shell eggs in refrigerator; food dispensing utensil in cherries stored incorrectly; wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution; time used in lieu of temperature to control ready-to-eat foods; loose rubber gaskets observed on fry freezer; paint chipping in several refrigerated units; chlorine concentration in towel buckets at improper levels; multiple food contact surfaces observed with heavy accumulation of dried food residue; fountain soda nozzle in drive-through area observed with black, grey and pink slimy mold-like residue; dirty, stagnant liquid observed in cupboard under self-serve fountain soda machines; back biofilm-like substance observed in floor drains and waste water pipes; lid holders covered in sticky residue; clean food pans stored on unclean shelving; single-use tea filters stored in direct contact with insect control device; paper towel dispenser empty at hand wash sink; mops not being hung to air dry; and more than five living fruit fly-like insects observed inside refrigerator under frappe machine.

Red Mill Elementary School, 700 Red Mill Road, Newberry Township, 7 violations

Action: Violations included case of nacho cheese observed in storage room on shelf that displays evident rodent gnawing; accumulation of ice in walk-in freezer; cold-holding unit not operating correctly; hot water used for sanitizing did not reach necessary temperature; hole in ceiling tile and broken tiles observed in storage room and mop closet; accumulation of static dust in walk-in cooler; and mouse-like droppings observed on several areas of floor, shelving and products.

Subway at Sunoco, 1000 S. George St., 4 violations

Action: Violations included facility has no procedures for employees to follow when responding to event involving vomit or fecal matter discharge; employees not aware of trained in big 6 illnesses or 8 major allergens; loose or torn rubber door gaskets on refrigerator; and soda syrup spillage observed under bog in storeroom.

IHOP, 2157 S. Queen St., York Township, 18 violations

Action: Violations included strawberries not properly datemarked; person in charge answered incorrectly to food safety questions; facility does not have original certificate posted in public view; food employees observed without proper hair restraints; raw liquid eggs stored above ready-to-eat sauces and cheeses in refrigerator; liquid butter containers not correctly labeled; canned pineapples stored directly on floor; time used in lieu of temperature to control ready-to-eat foods; cardboard being used to line wire shelving in kitchen; employee not properly using sanitizer test strips; accumulation of frozen condensate on floor of walk-in cooler; numerous food contact surfaces observed with food residue; in-use tongs and spatulas not stored on clean surface or washed every four hours as required; employee personal items touching single-service shelving with barrier to prevent possible contamination; mops not being hung to air dry; and two buckets with mops and dirty water stored in rear of facility.


Other-than-regular inspections:


J&B's Grille, 14 N. Main St., Shrewsbury


Price Rite, 2122 S. Queen St.


Regular inspections:

Hanover Coffee Company, 1649 Broadway, Hanover

Red Lion Fraternal Home, 232 W. Broadway, Red Lion

Angelo's Pizza and Subs, 145 Glen Dr., Manchester

Bair's Den Restaurant and Lounge, 1630 Broadway, Hanover

Chick-fil-a, 340 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover

Great Wall, 351 Loucks Road

Korean Garden, 1649 Broadway, Hanover

Penn National York OTW, 351 Loucks Road

Rivertown Restaurant, 960 Hellam St., Wrightsville

Shady Maple, 1649 Broadway, Hanover

Susquehanna Fruits and Vegetables, 1649 Broadway, Hanover

Touch of Italy, 80 W. Market St., Hellam

Wrightsville Steam Fire Engine Hose Company, 125 S. Second St., Wrightsville

Dollar Tree, 428 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover

Domino's, 180 Leader Heights Road

Goldsboro Fire Company, 53 N. York St., Newberry Township

Hellamshire Family Restaurant, 480 W. Market St., Hellam

K-Mart, 1094 Haines Road

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2650 S. Queen St.

Lin's Garden Chinese Restaurant, 964 S. George St.

Royal Farms, 2605 S. Queen St.

Rutter's, 463 W. Main St., Dallastown

Rutter's. 661 Broadway, Hanover

Rutter's. 2215 Old Trail Road, Newberry Township

Rutter's. 1009 York St., Hanover

Stone Grille and Taphouse, 204 St. Charles Way

Wolfe's Diner, 625 U.S. 15 N., Dillsburg

China Wok, 300 Bailey Dr., Stewartstown

McDonald's, 897 W. Broadway, Red Lion

Parma Pizza and Grill, 905 Grantley Road

Stewartstown Smokehouse and Beer Barn, 9A N. Hill St., Stewartstown

The Chili Pepper Cantina, 201 York St., Manchester

The Chili Pepper Cantina, 4308 N. George St. Ext., Manchester