Trump ‘news’ a rehash?


WASHINGTON — Donald Trump gave himself kudos for the creation of 8,000 new U.S. jobs by a Japanese tech mogul, saying it was proof of “the spirit and the hope” stirred by his presidential win.

But for those particular jobs, Trump was basically taking a bow for the second time. The jobs were part of a public commitment made Dec. 6 by Masayoshi Son after a meeting with Trump. Son pledged that companies controlled by his firm SoftBank would invest

$50 billion in the United States and create 50,000 jobs.

On Wednesday, Trump cele-

brated the planned creation of 5,000 jobs by wireless carrier Sprint and 3,000 jobs by OneWeb — both companies where Son is a dominant investor.

Trump did not outright mention Son’s previous commitment but used the opportunity once again to declare a victory for U.S. workers. Although 8,000 jobs — on their own — are unlikely to dramatically move the needle toward the faster economic growth he has promised, the Trump transition team treated the jobs as a preview of things to come.

Influence: Ever the dealmaker, Trump has actively courted and shamed companies. The president-elect has pushed defense contractors Boeing and Lockheed-Martin to reduce their costs via his Twitter account, while he fulfilled a

campaign promise by preserving 800 jobs at the Carrier furnace plant in Indianapolis that were previously bound for Mexico.

With the Sprint and OneWeb announcement, there might be less than meets the eye. There is one clear winner, though: Son, worth an estimated $19 billion. Since the presidential election, Sprint stock has soared 40 percent, and Son’s SoftBank controls 83 percent of the Kansas-based carrier.