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Wolfgang Candy to close North York shop

Jason Addy
York Dispatch

York mainstay Wolfgang Candy Co. is closing its retail store in North York at the end of the year, as the business prepares for a full transition into confectionary manufacturing.

Wolfgang-brand sweets and candies will only be available for consumer purchase at the East Fourth Avenue store until Dec. 31. After the New Year, Wolfgang will no longer create candies for its brand and will instead partner with other large confectionary manufacturers, said Laura Graver, director of administration for Wolfgang Candy Co.

A display of chocolate at the Wolfgang Candy Co. shop. Bill Kalina photo

Wolfgang Candy Co. is opening a new factory in Loganville and expanding its North York factory to meet manufacturing demands, according to a news release.

“That is a route that we have been researching and interested in for a number of years,” Graver said of the company’s new focus on co-manufacturing.

The company has had to cope with increased food safety requirements, which made its popular factory tours a thing of the past in 2013 and curtailed business at the North York store, according to a news release from Wolfgang Candy Co.

“With the expansion of both North York and Loganville operations and the growth of contract manufacturing and private-label sales, we’ve made a strategic decision to eliminate direct retail sales that were performed at the shop,” Wolfgang Chief Operating Officer Sam Miller said in the release. “The reduction in sales volumes necessitated the closure of the store.”

No jobs will be lost when the store closes, as two of the three employees will retire at the end of the year and the other employee will transfer to manufacturing operations, Graver said.

Wolfgang CEO Ben McGlaughlin has announced he will leave his leadership role at the end of the year, though his decision to resign had nothing to do with the transition, Graver said.

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Many people have come into the North York store over the past few weeks, Graver said, expressing their sadness and best wishes for the company, and reliving some of the nostalgia associated with the local store, which has been in the community since the early 1920s.

For those unable to give up their favorite Wolfgang candies, the company will offer several of its brands for fundraising drives, Graver said.

The company is holding a holiday sale to reduce the store’s inventory, with the store open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.