FOOD INSPECTIONS: 4 out of compliance

David Weissman
  • Chili's, in Hanover, ruled out of compliance for second time since March 2015.
  • Weis Markets, in West Manchester Township, ruled out of compliance with 15 violations.
  • Domino's Pizza, in Red Lion, ruled out for not having equipment to clean up vomit or diarrhea.

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected Nov. 1-7.


Regular inspections:

Chili's, 370 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover, 11 violations

Action: Violations included food employee observed in prep area wearing bracelet, watch and ring; food employees observed without proper hair restraints; improper cutting board being used; rinse gauge on warewashing machine not working; residue observed in drop chute of bulk ice machine; sticker residue observed on food storage containers; clean equipment rack observed with food residue; food splatter observed in rib wrapping area; clean dish rack stored on floor; clean food equipment stored in wet manner; plumbing system not maintained in good repair; exhaust filter observed with grease build-up; and employee personal belongings observed in prep area.

Note: This is the second time since March 2015 that this restaurant has been ruled out of compliance.

Weis Markets, 2160 White St., 15 violations

Action: Violations included working container of glass cleaner on same shelf as saltines; raw chicken drumsticks stored next to fully cooked stuffed shells in meat cooler; raw turkey stored above raw pork; raw pork sausages stored above breading and spices; storage container not properly labeled; canola oil stored directly on floor; water temperature measuring device not properly calibrated; loose rubber door gaskets observed on walk-in cooler; hot water used for warewashing machine does not reach necessary temperature; meat department reusing single-use plastic lids; plastic food container with old label residue observed on drainboard; clean food equipment stored in drawer with personal items; hand wash sink doesn't reach necessary temperature; floor in slop-sink area made of concrete; and mops not being hung to air dry.

Domino's Pizza, 7 Dairyland Square, Red Lion, 4 violations

Action: Violations included facility has no procedures for employees to follow when responding to event involving vomit or fecal matter discharge; facility does not have required equipment to clean up vomit or diarrhea; facility does not have original food employee certification posted in public view; and time used in lieu of temperature to control ready-to-eat foods.

Interstate 83, 5220 Susquehanna Trail, 11 violations

Action: Violations included employees observed touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands; wiping cloths stored in sanitizer solution that exceeded required concentration levels; employee wearing single-use gloves without washing hands; employee wearing bracelets; ice scoop stored directly on top of ice machine; in-use tongs stored hanging from rim of trash can; bowls of pasta in meat sauce observed being reheated for undetermined amount of time; cooked, sliced potatoes observed on top of cardboard egg carton at improper temperature; moist wiping cloths found not in sanitizing solution; fluorescent lights in kitchen not shielded from breakage; and potato peeling machine stored directly on ground.


Other-than-regular inspections:


Bill Batemans Express, 985 Far Hills Dr., New Freedom


Forbidden City Chinese Restaurant, 3147 Cape Horn Road, Red Lion

Myers' Meats and Groceries, 600 Third St., Hanover

American Legion Post No. 455, 19222 Barenns Road, Stewartstown


The Sound Room Cafe, 106 Broadway, Hanover

Metro Diner, 10 W. Manchester Town Center

Outback Steakhouse, 380 Town Center Dr.


Regular inspections:

CVS, 820 Edgewood Road

Dover Area Elementary School, 109 E. Canal St., Dover

East York Elementary School, 701 Erlen Dr.

Humanities Building at York College, 439 Country Club Road

Leib Elementary School, 2925 Oakland Road, Dover

North Salem Elementary School, 5161 N. Salem Church Road, Dover

Red Rock Cafe, 4550 Lincoln Hwy

Rutter's, 910 S. Richland Ave.

Sweet Frog, 14635 Mount Airy Road, Shrewsbury

Weigelstown Elementary School, 3205 Carlisle Road, Dover

Yorkshire Elementary School, 295 Mills Dr.

Jimbob's Chuckwagon, 2 Berlin St., Codorus

Subway, 1055 Batlimore St., Hanover

Subway, 1000 Carlisle St., Hanover

Therits, 4 Berlin St., Codorus

White Horse Diner, 5408 Lincoln Hwy, Thomasville

Bob's Sno-Balls, 251 N. Lake Road, Thomasville

C S Convenience Store, 2 Hanover St., Codorus

Christ American Baptist Church, 730 Menges Mills Road, Spring Grove

Eureka Fire Company, 82 N. Main St., Stewartstown

Giant, 801 Baltimore St., Hanover

Papa John's, 985 Far Hills Dr., New Freedom

Rutter's, 249 Cape Horn Road

VFW Post No. 5265, 1 St. and Water St., Spring Grove

Dollar General, 820 Baltimore St., Hanover

Dollar Tree, 805 Baltimore St., Hanover

Pleasant Hill Garden Center, 2751 Baltimore Pike, Hanover

Rutter's, 35 N. Main St., Jacobus

Shell Mini Mart, 2633 Baltimore Pike, Hanover

Subway, 655 Town Center Dr.

West York Area Senior High School, 1800 Bannister St.