Altland's Ranch, which closed in March as York County's last remaining gay bar, and its liquor license are being sold.

Robert Stump, a court-appointed legal guardian of surviving owner Rodney Nagle, said both sales are pending court approvals and, therefore, the sale prices could not be disclosed.

Stump did not immediately have access to records listing the buyer's name, but he said it was a business that intended to turn the establishment, at 8505 Orchard Road, into an antique auction location.

Rutter's is planning to purchase the former bar's liquor license for its gas station at 1009 York St. in Penn Township, according to township manager Kristina Rodgers.

The transfer is on the agenda to be discussed at the township's Board of Supervisors meeting Monday night.

Rodgers said that, if approved, Rutter's would be the first gas station to own a liquor license in the township.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed a wine and beer sale reform bill into law in June that confirmed gas stations' ability to sell beer.

Derek Gaskins, a Rutter's spokesman, said the company is trying to remain competitive by acquiring the licenses where they're available. Rutter's has already acquired liquor licenses in Mercersburg and Leola, Gaskins said.

Altland's Ranch owns one of nine restaurant liquor licenses currently in Penn Township, according to Rodgers.

The bar had been in business since 1967, according to Department of State records, but it closed because of a lack of support from the community, Stump has said.

Stump, who was born and raised in York County, said he had kept the bar open as long as he could because he wanted the LGBT community to have a place they felt comfortable.

Past gay bars to open and close in York include the Velvet Rope, Club XS and Lux Nightclub, which closed in November 2014. Gay bars in neighboring counties include Tally-Ho Tavern in Lancaster and Stallions Club in Harrisburg.

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