FOOD INSPECTIONS: 4 ruled out of compliance

David Weissman
  • Sweet House and Wild Ginger York both ruled out of compliance on follow-up inspections.

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected August 3-9.


Regular inspections:

Subway, 31 W. Hanover St., Spring Grove,10 violations

Action: Violations included no procedure for employees to follow when responding to event involving vomit or fecal matter discharge; employees could not identify major allergens or illnesses; original food certificate not posted in public view; food employee observed wearing gloves without prior hand wash; employee observed preparing sub while wearing a bracelet and watch; coffee maker positioned directly under paper towel dispenser; ammonia concentration in sanitizing solution at improper level; sticky residue observed covering most of shelving unit inside cabinet on dining room floor area; wiping cloths stored in improper sanitizing solution; and coffee cups and lids stored next to hand wash sink.

Pizza Al Bacio, 336 N. Main St., New Salem, 12 violations

Action: Violations included unauthorized person in food prep area; food employees observed without proper hair restraints; tongs stored on oven handle; wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution; use of non-food grade containers to store bread; rust observed on shelves of walk-in cooler; ice build-up observed on fan guards in reach-in freezer; black mold-like residue observed inside back wall of ice machine; clean food equipment stored in manner that does not allow for drying; clean utensils stored in cardboard box; pizza paddles observed with accumulation of dust; lights not shatter proof over dish area; exterior door in prep area has gap; accumulation of dust and grease observed on hood over grill area; and accumulation of static dust observed on vents in walk-in cooler.

Other-than-regular inspections:


Sweet House, 1208 Greensprings Dr., 9 violations

Action: Violations included broiler unit located beside fryers covered in aluminum foil that is encrusted with grease; frozen condensate observed on all surfaces in freezer; dishpan container partially filled with stagnant water; interior ceiling of microwave observed with old food residue; grease, dirt and food debris observed on non-food contact surfaces; plumbing system not maintained in good repair; mattress observed in storage room; ceiling tiles missing in dry storage area; and mops not being hung to air dry.

Note: This is the third time this facility has been ruled out of compliance since Dec. 2014 and second time since July 2016.

Wild Ginger York, 2444 Eastern Blvd., 19 violations

Action: Violations included food items not being date marked; unauthorized person in kitchen; food employee observed wiping hands on towel instead of washing hands; food employees observed without proper hair restraints; food packages not labeled; dispensing utensil in ice machine without handle above top of ice; utensils stored on oven handle; wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution; meat held at improper temperature; time used in lieu of temperature to control ready-to-eat foods; storage racks in walk-in cooler and dry storage area observed with rust; thermometers not readily accessible; reusing packaging in walk-in cooler; no available sanitizer solution bucket; clean dish racks stored on floor; old food residue observed in hand wash sink; lights not shatter proof in  front prep area; and rear door has gap.

Note: This is the second time this facility has been ruled out of compliance since July 2016.


Other-than-regular inspections:


Browns Orchards and Farm Market, 8892 Susquehanna Trail, Loganville

Pakha's Thai Restaurant, 3 U.S. Route 15 S., Dillsburg

Royal Farms, 101 Carlisle St., Hanover

Wendy's, 2 Old Mill Road, Dillsburg


Grandma's Recipes, 1649 Broadway St., Hanover

Lett Us Know Catering, 37 W. Clarke Ave.

New Ownership:

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, 1244 Greensprings Dr.


Broadway Minimart, 403 Broadway, Hanover

Never Forgotten BBQ, 2582 Eastern Blvd.


Regular inspections:

Barry's Country Market, 478 Ables Road, Craley

Faith United Methodist Church, 126 E. Market St.

Brickyard Tavern, 748 S. Albermarle St.

Porters Community Fire Company, 1199 Porters Road, Spring Grove

Valley Tavern, 1 Cherry St., Seven Valleys

Briarwood Golf Club, 407 Bowman Road

Dan's Cooking Can, 1070 Tower Road

Firehouse Pit Beef and Grill, 70 Brook Meadow Circle, Shrewsbury

Haven Hotel, 22 N. Front St., York Haven

Perrydell Farm Store, 90 Indian Rock Dam Road

Subway, 35 E. Broadway St., Red Lion

BJ's Wholesale Club, 2250 York Crossings Dr.

Bricker's French Fries, 4735 Lewisberry Road, Dover

Henry's Seafood, 5865 Lincoln Hwy.

Maple Donuts, 50 Robin Hood Dr., Newberry Township

Penn Grove Retreat, 6419 Pamadeva Road, Hanover

Smucker's Cafe, 12025 Susquehanna Trail, Glen Rock

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 175 E. Main St., New Freedom

Uncle Bone's Concessions, 256 N. Main St., Manchester

Willy's Q Shack, 1067 Roosevelt Ave.

Bubba D's Pizza and Wings, 39 E. Forrest Ave., Shrewsbury

CVS Pharmacy, 606 S. Main St., Shrewsbury

Dollar Tree, 814 Shrewsbury Commons Ave., Shrewsbury

Falls Hotel, 1179 Cly Road, York Haven

Great Dragon, 470 N. Main St., Spring Grove

Subway, 330 N. Main St., New Salem

Rita's Italian Ice, 466 Shrewsbury Commons Ave., Shrewsbury

Subway, 2128 S. Queen St.