FOOD INSPECTIONS: 4 out of compliance

David Weissman
  • Four food facilities, including Never Forgotten BBQ, combine for 68 violations.
  • Sweet House with 26 violations including open bags of flour stored under heavy webbing.
  • Wild Ginger York with 25 violations including mold-like residue in the ice machine.

The state Department of Agriculture conducts annual inspections of food-serving businesses to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, employee hygiene and issues with chemicals and how they're handled.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments that were inspected July 20- August 2.


Regular inspections:

Broadway Minimart, 403 Broadway, Hanover, 6 violations

Action: Violations included food and drink items held at improper temperature; thermometers not readily available; tableware for customers displayed improperly; and cardboard being used as shelving inside walk-in cooler.

Never Forgotten BBQ, 2582 Eastern Blvd., 11 violations

Action: Violations included cigarette butts and ashtray found on shelf next to hand wash sink; food not being date marked; time used in lieu of temperature to control fully cooked meat; barbecue bottles not properly labeled; mayonnaise and cheese sauce kept beyond use or sell by date; floors in kitchen and employee restroom not cleaned frequently enough; clean utensils stored on unclean surface; foam cups stored directly on floor; kitchen towel observed in hand wash sink; lights not shatter proof in kitchen; soap and single-use towels not available at hand wash sink in employee restroom; and ceiling tiles missing in kitchen area.

Sweet House, 1208 Greensprings Dr., 26 violations

Action: Violations included insect killing agent observed in kitchen that was not approved for use in food facility; food employees observed without proper hair restraints; raw chicken stored above raw beef and raw pork; raw meats stored above carrots and celery; sauces and dry good not properly labeled; bowls used as scoops in bulk sugar, rice, flour and starch; wet wiping cloths not being stored in sanitizer solution; bucket of marinating beef stored directly on floor; open bags of flour, sugar and starch stored below heavy webbing and static dust; food not being date marked; equipment observed covered in aluminum foil that is encrusted with grease, dirt and static dust; shelves and tables line with cardboard; 3-6 inch deep frozen condensate observed in freezer; container filled with stagnant water observed dripping; sink observed with build up of filth and food residue; food surfaces not cleaned with sanitizer; table-mounted can opener observed with encrusted food residue and filth; interior ceiling of microwave observed with encrusted food residue; clean utensils stored on same surface as personal items; hand wash sink inaccessible to employees; plumbing system not maintained in good repair; cardboard boxes and debris observed in slop sink; fly strips hanging from ceiling directly observed meat preparation table; mattress observed in storage room, indicating use of food facility as living or sleeping quarters; ceiling tiles missing in kitchen area; old, unused equipment stored throughout facility; dining room extremely dirty; broken equipment observed outside facility; heavy accumulation of grease and static dust observed on hood ventilation system; mops not being hung to air dry; and potential rodent harborage observed in storage closet.

Note: This is the second time this facility has been ruled out of compliance since Dec. 2014.

Wild Ginger York, 2444 Eastern Blvd., 25 violations

Action: Violations included butane gas stored on same shelf with food; food employee observed wiping hands on towel instead of washing hands; food packages not properly labeled; chicken breading batter stored with no covering; food dispensing utensil observed in ice machine; wiping cloths not being stored in sanitizer solution; egg roll wraps observed thawing at room temperature; eggs, chicken, beef, shrimp and pork stored at improper temperature; food items not being date marked; time in lieu of temperature being used to control ready-to-eat foods; storage racks in walk-in cooler observed with rust; thermometers not available; sanitizer test strips not available; reusing single-use packaging; microwave and oven observed with food residue; mold-like residue observed inside ice machine; sushi mats not being changed frequently enough; accumulation of grease residue observed under grill; no sanitizer bucket available; clean dish racks stored on floor; old food residue and dishes observed in hand wash sink; plumbing system not maintained in good repair; rear door has gap; and hood vents over grill observed with accumulation of grease build-up.


Other-than-regular inspections:


Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 1015 Mount Rose Ave.

New Eastern Market, 201 Memory Lane


West Manchester Diner, 930 Carlisle Road

Turkey Hill, 3690 E. Market St.

Famous Hot Weiner, 160 Dart Dr., Hanover

Godfrey Bros. Inc., 7137 Susquehanna Trail

Texas Roadhouse, 179 Eisenhower Dr., Hanover


Leo Independent Fire Engine Co., 201 W. Broadway, Red Lion

A1 Pizza and Subs, 600 Chestnut St.

Fu Chao, 380 W. Market St.

World Grills, 29 E. King St.

Adam Ice Cream, Mobile Unit

MOD Pizza, 114 Pauline Dr.


Regular inspections:

The Snowball Experience, 100 Baltimore Pike, Hanover

Seven Sports Bar and Grille, 14 E. Franklin St., New Freedom

Seven Valleys Community Fire, 35 N. Main St., Seven Valleys

Smith Bros. Garage, 238 N. Main St., Shrewsbury

Stonewall Inn, 333 Broad St., Delta

Westminster Place, 2 Trinity Dr., Dillsburg

Brogue Hydroponics, 201 Memory Lane

Hardee's, 1617 N. George St.

Hawk Gunning Club, 2486 Pleasant View Dr.

Martins Potato Chips, 201 Memory Lane

Pizza Box and Hoagie Shop, 4328 N. George St., Manchester

Family Dollar, 450 N. Main St., Spring Grove

Family Tree Farm, 4874 Dairy Road, Red Lion

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, 1500 N. George St.

Liberty Social Club, 1041 N. George St.

Paesano's Pizza, 35 N. Main St., Jacobus

Rutter's, 160 N. Hills Road

Ski Roundtop, 925 Roundtop Road, Lewisberry

St. David's United Church of Christ, 142 Hobart Road, Hanover

Mary Loe Fant Catering, 1911 W. Market St.

McDonald's, 101 Limekiln Road, New Cumberland

Otter Creek Campground, 1101 Furnace Road, Airville

Sheetz, 4025 W. Market St.

St. Stephen's United Church of Christ, 1569 W. Market St.

Summers, 23 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Stewartstown

West York Inn, 1400 W. Market St.

Donegal Camp and Conference Center, 303 E. Telegraph Road, Airville

Giant Food Store, 205 Glen Dr., Manchester

John Fitz, 201 Memory Lane

Myer's Salads and Pastries, 201 Memory Lane

Rite Aid, 4135 N. George St., Manchester

Stewartstown Sunoco, 62 N. Main St., Stewartstown

Wilson's Funnel Cakes, 2560 New Park Road, New Park

Allegro Winery, 201 Memory Lane

Bird-in-Hand Bakery, 201 Memory Lane

Blue Koi, 805 Baltimore St., Hanover

Browns Orchards and Farmers Market, 8892 Susquehanna Trail, Loganville

Brunner's. 201 Memory Lane

The Candy Lady, 201 Memory Lane

Carman's Creamery, 201 Memory Lane

Good Country Fruit, 201 Memory Lane

Honeybee Shoppe, 201 Memory Lane

Kings Fresh Poultry and Deli, 201 Memory Lane

Logan's View Wine Shop, 8892 Susquehanna Trail, Loganville

Loganville Fire Co., 16 Mill St., Loganville

Long's Horseradish of York, 201 Memory Lane

Mama D's, 201 Memory Lane

Maple Donuts, 201 Memory Lane

Market House, 201 Memory Lane

The Milk Stand, 201 Memory Lane

Mussolini's Bakery, 201 Memory Lane

The Pretzel Twist, 201 Memory Lane

Tuckeys, 201 Memory Lane

YMCA, 500 George St., Hanover

Your Nutz, 201 Memory Lane

Country Club of York, 1400 Country Club Road

Handel's Ice Cream and Yogurt, 2310 S. Queen St.

Aldus Brewing Company, 555 Centennial, Hanover

Arby's, 2600 Keyway Dr.

Charlie's Produce and Crabs, Route 30, Thomasville

Colonial Coffee Shop, 938 S. George St.

Deli Delicious, 966 S. George St.

Eastside Assembly of God Snow Truck, 3430 Eastern Blvd.

First Church of the Breth, 2710 Kingston Road

Musso's Italian Restaurant, 406 E. Broadway, Red Lion

Nino's Pizza, 1214 Greensprings Dr.

Railside Cafe at Hillside, 250 Fame Ave., Hanover