Thrift shop opens in Jefferson Borough

David Weissman

Bridget's Attic, a new thrift shop in Jefferson Borough, opened Wednesday, June 1, at 2 Baltimore St., according to the business's Facebook page.

Briget's Attic, a thrift shop in Jefferson Borough, opened Wednesday, June 1.

Co-owner Patrick Reachard said neither he nor fellow co-owner Bridget Feldman have ever owned a store before, but they've both wanted to own their own business for a long time.

The duo, who plan to get married in July, just like collecting "stuff" from flea markets and yard sales and decided to turn that passion into a business.

"We've both been called hoarders," Reachard said, laughing. "We'll pretty much sell whatever we can find that we can sell for a good price."

The retailer's offerings currently include antiques, glassware and more than 4,000 record albums, Reachard said, adding that the only item they don't sell is clothing.

Bridget's Attic will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, according to the Facebook page.