Sweet Willows Creamery will reopen May 3 at its same York Township location despite efforts by the owner to find a new home.

Brent Lebouitz said he'd hoped to move to a location with more available parking, but he didn't receive an acceptable offer for his shop at 2812 East Prospect Road.

The location only has 15 available parking spots, but Lebouitz said people will create their own spots when those are filled.

Lebouitz has run the homemade ice cream business for 12 years, at one time operating it year-round, but now it's just a seasonal venture.

Throughout the rest of the year, he travels to various events, creating new flavors out of his ice cream truck, which he calls the Willowship. He creates a custom flavor for each wedding he attends, he said.

Lebouitz said he won't be offering sandwiches at his shop this year, electing to focus on the ice cream.

Contest: He's not sure yet what flavors he'll offer, but he said he will be starting the "Weeping Willownater" contest this summer. The contest will consist of eating 12 scoops of ice cream with eight toppings and two bananas.

Those who eat the concoction in the shortest time will get their names posted on the Sweet Willows' wall, and names will move up and down as the summer goes along. Those who attempt the feat but fail will have their names posted on the "Wall of Shame," he said.

The "Weeping Willownator" is a variation on the "Willownator" contest he held last summer, but then there were just six scoops of ice cream, Lebouitz said.

"It was too easy," he said. "There weren't enough people on the Wall of Shame. There will definitely be more shamers this year."

Sweet Willows Creamery will operate noon-9:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, and noon-10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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