Judge nixes Chipotle’s social media policy in Twitter firing

The Associated Press

HAVERTOWN, Pa. — An administrative law judge says Chipotle’s social media policy violated the National Labor Relations Act when a Philadelphia-area employee was fired for criticizing the company on Twitter last year.


Philly.com reports the chain has been ordered to rehire James Kennedy, pay him back wages, and post notices telling employees that some of its past policies violated labor laws.

Kennedy’s tweets complained about the company’s “cheap” labor policies before he was fired in February 2015 for circulating a petition saying workers were being prevented from taking breaks.

The 38-year-old Upper Darby man has since found a union job with American Airlines, he doesn’t want his job back, and is willing to accept his back pay in food vouchers.

Colorado-based Chipotle didn’t immediately return an emailed request for comment on Wednesday.