Why did the pool shop cross the road? For Yorktown Pools & Spas, the answer is: for a bigger building.

The West Manchester Township store is in the process of moving its operations from 4395 W. Market St. to 4350 W. Market St., according to president and co-owner Josh Zech.

Zech, who bought his parents' business with his brother a few years ago, said the move is about outgrowing Yorktown Pools' current facility.

The two-story 17,000-square-foot building will triple the store's showroom space and double its warehouse space, Zech said. He added that the move was made possible thanks to a federal Small Business Association loan.

The company will use the extra space to focus on expanding its spa sales. Zech said the current showroom only allowed for two spas on the floor at any one time, while the new space will allow for 17 or more.

Yorktown Pools, which has been in business since 1979, sells products including pool liners, spa chemicals and swimming pool heaters. During winter, the store operates fewer hours.

Zech said the move is coming at a good time as the store is starting to prepare for its busy season.

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