Regents' Glen purchased, changes coming

David Weissman
  • Regents' Glen Country Club has been closed since October due to financial struggles.
  • The new owners are planning on renovating Glen Grille restaurant with new staff and new menu.
  • Golf course slated to reopen on April 1.

Regents' Glen Country Club has been purchased, and the new owners are working on some changes.

Regents' Glen Country Club owner Rodney Krebs has said he is committed to keeping the golf club open. The course plans a major bunker renovation.

Heather Krebs said her family finalized the transaction from Regents' Glen Building and Development LLC on Friday under the company name RG Services.

Krebs, who will be in charge of membership, said the club is planning to reopen the golf course April 1 and the Glen Grille on April 15, after a complete renovation.

The restaurant and menu will look "completely different" when it reopens, she said, with food options more aligned with a "casual fine dining" experience that include gourmet sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads.

The changes accompany an entirely new staff that will be led by a York native executive chef. Krebs said the chef just recently moved back to York after working at a country club in Salt Lake City for 20 years.

The Box Hill Mansion, a Regents' Glen property that hosts weddings and other events, will open "soon," Krebs added.

The club had been forced to close in October amid financial struggles that included hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes owed and a federal lien against the previous owners. Krebs said a condition of the sale included the elimination of the lien and taxes owed.

Regents' Glen Country Club closed

She said she could not disclose the purchasing price.

Krebs and her family are in the process of reaching out to previous members of the club, but she said they have no access to the previous owners' database. She advised previous members interested in becoming members again should call her at (717) 747-1919, and they will not be charged an initiation fee.

Krebs' family members are Glen Rock natives who own several other companies including a yacht charter company and a building company.

Krebs said her father's company, Springfield Contractors, did site work at Regents' Glen when it was opening.

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