Siblings open Dover pizza shop

David Weissman
  • New pizza shop, Zanelli's, recently opened at 81 W. Canal St. in Dover.
  • Co-owners Joan Milner and Daniel Stasiak are brother and sister.

When Joan Milner was considering leaving her corporate job to open a restaurant with her brother, everyone told her that going into business with family was a bad idea.

But a week after officially opening Zanelli's in Dover, Milner said her business relationship with her brother, longtime chef Daniel Stasiak, couldn't be going any better.

"We started the process over a year ago, and we've been great business partners," Milner said. "Our personalities really complement each other."

Milner left her human resources job at Voith Hydro to open the pizza shop at 81 W. Canal St. She said the location was chosen as a middle ground between her home in Red Lion and Stasiak's in New Cumberland.

The location previously served as KT's Pizza, which only closed a couple weeks before Zanelli's opened.

The siblings named the shop after their great-grandfather's wine and olive oil store, which he had opened in Manhattan after coming to America from Italy.

"Our family is heavily involved in food," Milner said. "We want this to be an extension of our home, so everything is cooked how we would cook it in our homes."

All ingredients, from tomato sauce to meatballs, are made "in house," she said.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 7 p.m. Sunday, with delivery and carry-out options.

Milner said she hopes to be able to expand with more space and menu items in the future.

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