A longtime Maryland sushi chef is expanding his business into York Township through a partnership with a local businessman.

Dave Hagan, president of high-speed broadband provider Double Dog Communications, is working with San Susum, who has been in the sushi business about 35 years, to open Ocean San Sushi in Tollgate Village.

Susum, originally from Laos, will serve as head chef at the new restaurant and leave his Maryland locations to family members, according to Hagan. The duo is targeting April 1 as the opening date, Hagan said.

The restaurant will feature Susum's Terp Roll — shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped in rice and topped with fresh crab meat and wasabi mayo — and Nittany Roll — lobster tail inside rice and topped with crab meat — along with fresh, made-to-order soups and salads, Hagan said.

In addition to regular size sushi, Ocean San Sushi will have king size rolls.

"It's more meat and everything," Hagan said, "They're unbelievable."

Hagan became friends with Susum through frequenting the chef's restaurant, San Sushi Too, in Towson, he said.

"I've eaten at sushi places in Chicago, New York, LA, you name it, and San is definitely one of the best," Hagan said. "It's a blessing he's coming this far up."

Hagan, who is dealing with the construction side of things, said they're working to create a warm, welcoming environment that promotes interaction between the chef and customers.

"San is a character," he said. "He loves people and is very inviting."

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