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Locals not fond of Black Friday

Christopher Dornblaser

It's that time of year again - no not Thanksgiving, but Black Friday.

As the shopping holiday continues to push into Thanksgiving, shoppers are not happy.

Target will be opening at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. The retailer will also be having online deals the day before Thanksgiving.

Walmart's website will be offering its sales at 3 a.m., and the stores will open at 6 p.m. with hefty discounts on things such as televisions, video games and home goods.

Other retailers, such as Gamestop and Staples, are holding off on opening for Black Friday until, well, Friday.

"Too early": Mike Wolfe, 57, of York Haven, said he and his family will not be participating in Black Friday shopping due to other plans. He said his wife and daughters usually go out around midnight to purchase items they can donate. They had intended to do so this year, but Thanksgiving plans changed for them and they are not going to be shopping on the holiday.

As for the supposed Black Friday "creep," Wolfe believes it's too early for stores to be open.

"It's too early," he said. "Especially before Halloween the stuff's out in the store."

Wolfe said he doesn't like the seasonal things coming out so early, except for seasonal peppermint Tootsie Pops, which he said he liked.

As for the Black Friday, he said they will probably be decorating for the holidays, especially because pretty much all of their Christmas shopping is done.

Mike Wolfe shopping at Walmart

Taking the Thanksgiving away for Christmas: Freedom Vickers, 39, of York, said this year she's ditching the lines in order to do shopping online for "Cyber Monday."

For Black Friday, she avoids the stores.

"Normally I avoid Walmart at all costs," she said of her Black Friday plans while in the parking lot of Walmart.

"The one thing I notice, anything they have on sale they usually continue to have on sale," she said. She said last year she managed to get a 55" TV for only $200 days after Black Friday.

"They were so back-ordered it was ridiculous," she said, adding that it was worth it.

Vickers said she has gone out for Black Friday about 15 times in her life, but now she will not.

"I don't do lines," she said.

Vickers said this year she will be doing Cyber Monday sales on Target's website, while she looks for a stereo for her 17-year-old son's car. Vickers said this will be her second year participating in Cyber Monday.

She said she hopes there is security for the Black Friday destinations, as some places can become violent.

As for the Black Friday "creep," Vickers is not happy that it is overlapping with Thanksgiving.

"They're taking the holiday away for Christmas," she said.

Vickers said she was wondering what happened to the more simple Christmases of the past, when grandmothers would knit "socks" as gifts as opposed to people wanting the newest gadgets like the Playstation 4.

Freedom Vickers shopping at Walmart

Would "never" get involved with Black Friday: Helen Beard, 87, of Shiloh, said she has never gone out for Black Friday and does not plan to this year.

"I would never get involved with that mess," she said.

Beard said every Thanksgiving she would be with her family and she never had time to go out shopping.

She said she thinks stores should be closed on the holiday but she doesn't mind that people go out shopping that day.

"I think it's just personal opinion," Beard said.

Beard said she thinks careful shoppers could probably get similar deals throughout the year without having to go out in the Black Friday ordeal and that she just does her holiday shopping on other days.

As for her, she will be visiting her family in Maryland, where her grandson who lives in Germany will be visiting, an event she said she would certainly not miss.

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