BLOG Social media promotes 'mutual rescue'

Allison M Cooper
York Dispatch

Eric and Peety are something of an internet sensation. The story of a lonely man with health problems and the dog who saved his life is being widely shared because Carol Novello, former tech executive and president of the Humane Society in Silicon Valley, asked David Whitman, executive producer of the Tech Awards of Silicon Valley, what they could do with Eric and Peety's story.

Whitman created the  Mutual Rescue initiative, which includes a contest where people can share stories of how a shelter animal changed their lives. The winning tale gets a video made about their rescue story. Donors to the HSSV funded the Eric and Peety video.

What I love about this story, besides EVERYTHING, is the somewhat buried fact that, a naturopathic doctor prescribed adopting a shelter dog as a response to Eric's request for advice on how to lose weight. No diet pills (not even homeopathic herbal supplements) recommended by this doctor. Nope. Just get yourself a dog and see how your life will be transformed.

He Rescued A Dog. Then The Dog Rescued Him

Humans use the interwebs for a bunch of time-wasting — hateful, even — reasons.

I love it that we are seeing more shout-outs for adoptive or foster families for animals, or at least I am — Facebook has my number, it knows I'm a Crazy Dog Lady.

Injustices done to animals, and benefits gained by becoming a rescue family or supporting local shelters are popular content fodder. People want to weigh in on behalf of animals and social media gives them the opportunity to collectively advocate.

And it restores my faith in humanity when I see how many people connect on the internet because of their love of and advocacy for animals.

I vote we see less about Brexit, Trump and Kanye on social media and more about shelter dogs like Peety. Who's with me?