BLOG: Jail break!

Allison M Cooper
York Dispatch

I may have to reiterate this often: This is not an advice blog. Owning a puppy means consulting various (and varying) experts almost hourly.

One thing we learned early on from those various experts we trust is that you should not make a crate or exercise pen a place where puppies go to be "punished." And, further, you should reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior, thereby eliminating the need for said punishment.

So we set about making the crate and the playpen a fun place for the purpose of a little rest, relaxation and a break from the crazy humans following the puppy around with cellphones, taking pictures and videos and making kissy noises. And dressing him in fleece vests.

Jail break!

Peaceful, right? Who in their right mind would want to leave?

Jail break!

This guy. That's who.

The reason we are not fit to give advice in this blog is that we make some mistakes. Luckily for us, we are trying our hardest to do the right thing and so the fates shine upon us and we don't err too badly and most importantly, the damage is not typically too bad.

That is until the memorable event we now refer to as: Unlatched Gate.

Jail break!

But WHY would he want to leave such a spacious crate, you may be asking. We wondered too.

It appears he wanted to get out to do stuff like this:

Jail break!

And this:

Jail break!

(Cropped so you don't see the rug where Tuggy mistook inside for outside with regards to going potty. You're welcome.)

You may have noticed we take photos before issuing stern warnings like "PFFT" and "AAACK" (we learned this from one of the aforementioned experts - the same expert who said don't use the crate as a jail).

What we learned from this episode:

  • Lock the crate.
  • Double-check that you have actually locked the crate.
  • Keep your sense of humor, always.

And if you and puppy all reach your collective wits' end, we have found that it's OK to send puppy off for some quiet time for everyone.

Straight (back) to jail.

Jail break!